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Zionsville Arthur Murray Dance Center
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Our Team Members

Mike and Suzi DeSante

Suzi and Mike DeSante Dancing - Zionsville, IN - Arthur Murray Dance CenterMike and his wife, Suzi, started dancing out of the Indianapolis Arthur Murray studios. Mike started at the north side studio in 1998. He began teaching there and continued for 3 years before entering the competitive arena. While attending the Indianapolis showcase, he met Suzi. She had just started her career at the Indianapolis South studio and was there working.

They began dating shortly after. Six months later, in 2003, Mike’s partner decided to retire from competing. It was then that Mike and Suzi finally began to dance together.

They first started with American Rhythm style but after a year decided to add American Smooth as well. They danced in numerous competitions around the United States, both Arthur Murray Dance O Rama’s and Independent Competitions. As they continued they began placing in many Open Finals and won several Titles including…

2004 Windsor Dancesport Championship- 1st Place in Showdance 2005 Cincinnati Dancesport- 1st Place Rising Star Rhythm.

2008 Mangolia Dancesport Challenge-1st Place Open Smooth.

In late 2008 they decided to open their own Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Zionsville, Indiana. While their new roles as Franchisees and Managers were exciting it took all of their focus. In 2009 they decided to take a break from Dance competition and focus on their students and studio.

They passion for dancing eventually lead them to get back to their competition in early 2012. They decided to focus on the American Smooth this time but have already had much success including…

2012 Music City Invitational-1st Place Open Smooth.

2014 Boston Dance O Rama-1st Place Rising Star, Open Finalist ..and many others as well.

Mike and Suzi retired from competitive dancing in early 2015. They now enjoy performing shows and passing on their love of Ballroom Dancing to their staff and students as well as other professionals they teach. They have a strong love of dancing and the Arthur Murray way as that is what has brought them all of their success and joy in their professional lives.

Casey O’Connor

Casey O'Connor“Casey is from Rochester, New York and has always loved to dance. She went to Otterbein University for theater and dance and recently moved to Indianapolis and started at Arthur Murray in 2016! She’s outgoing and fun and she loves to meet new people! In her free time, if she has any, she likes to hula-hoop, sing and hang out with her friends and lay by the pool. She lives with her roommate, 2 dogs, a cat and a ferret.

Something weird is that Casey has had 10 concussions, and she can still read!

Her favorite thing about the studio is that there’s not a day that’s boring; we always laugh and have fun!

Graduating college (being the 2nd one in her family to do so) is her biggest achievement!”

Taylor Cassell

Taylor Cassell“Taylor has been with Arthur Murray since birth, but only a teacher for 2 and a half years! She is extremely artistic/eccentric, so anything creative, she’s really into it! She has an obsession with cats, so if you’re in the mood to talk about cats, here’s your girl. She’s traveled to a few places, but only lived in two states; she doesn’t get out much. She just loves dancing and the color yellow.

Something weird is that Taylor has 20 tattoos, and counting, and 14 piercings!

Her favorite thing about the studio is that she loves who she works with in the studio, so it makes everyday more interesting because we’re odd, fun, people!

Being Full Bronze certified (working her way up to Associate Silver) is her biggest achievement!”